What is a Webmaster?

A Webmaster, is a professional capable of managing the tasks of Web Designer and Web Developer.

The Web Designer is the person responsible for the aesthetic content of the page or system under development.

Web Developer is the person responsible for the part of web programming, that is, the code that makes the page functional.

The Webmaster, do not have to know how to program or use CMS, CRM, etc. software. Those responsible for this area are Web Designer and Web Developer. However, the Webmaster is the person responsible for assigning tasks to the aforementioned professionals.


How did I get to Webmaster?

As time went by, and on this fantastic journey I went through in systems development, I learned various technologies. In this process, I had the opportunity to work or train with fantastic people who helped me grow.

When I had the necessary foundation and knowledge of process implementation and definition of building web systems, I was given the opportunity to integrate development teams and manage processes.

From the project design and architecture phase, to the execution phase, I was able to implement and distribute the execution responsibilities of each production area.

One of the points that I have always had in my favor was the fact of having knowledge in the areas of both design and programming, which always gave me a different vision and an opening for decision.