Online Store Creation

What are online stores?

An online store is a web site where the merchant makes their products available and allows customers to buy directly from that page.

It is only considered online store from the moment the entire process from choosing the product until payment is made on the website.

After payment, the merchant sends the product and the customer receives it at home or at an address of the buyer's choice.

Lojas Online

Why do I develop online stores?

I started developing e-commerce stores in 2005, at the time, I used the Zen Cart OpenSource system. With Zen Cart I have developed and learned, essentially solving construction problems. During the adventure of developing in Zen Cart, I saw other technologies emerging in the market and I was integrating several in my projects.

In 2007 I developed the first system in OsCommerce. At this point, several solutions were beginning to appear and some of them were quite interesting for the time. However, they all presented similar errors and integration problems.

At this time Magento appeared, I developed some projects, however, it was mostly in Magento security that I worked most of the time.

In 2009, I discovered the PrestaShop. This new approach to e-commerce enabled me to grow as a professional. The versatility, the "light" system that introduced, made me want to develop and, above all, to help the system grow.

At the time, PrestaShop was still in version 0.9. There were countless bugs that I solved on the platform, the modules corrected and developed. At the time I had the first approach to Smarty.

As the system grew, I grew up also in online store building. Developing geo-location modules, I made the first tracking module for CTT orders for PrestaShop.

In partnership with a Brazilian developer, we developed the first Multibanco payment module through the Ifthen Pay platform, then Ifthen Software.

Simultaneously with PrestaShop, I developed online stores at Interspire Shopping Cart, now discontinued and made into the BigCommerce system. In this premium platform, I also made the only payment module for Multibanco, also from Ifthen Pay.

I have been in contact with several of the emerging platforms in the market to date. I have always been careful to choose the platform in detail depending on the type of project and / or product the customer will sell. It is also important to pay attention to future integrations that the client needs so that the project does not become too expensive.

Based on this attention, I have chosen the platforms depending on the client, I have often used OpenCart, since it is ideal for simpler light, simple or checkout projects.

It was in 2011 that I made the first integrations with geo-location systems, SMS alerts, payment collection alerts and made multiple technologies integration in my projects.

I have been active in the PrestaShop community and have developed dozens of stores on this platform, some of them are well-known stores both in Portugal and in the world.

In several years, I have been in touch with open source e-commerce software and in parallel, developed e-commerce systems created primarily for integration into more small.

Some of the platforms I studied and developed are:

I think what sets me apart as creator of e-commerce systems is my ability to program on any of the platforms.

I always have the goal in mind and I help my client to choose the platform correctly depending on the future projections or type of product and / or business.

However, I integrate own systems and shopping carts with existing projects, which makes the client system richer and more profitable.