Full Stack Developer

What is a Full Stack Developer?

The definition of Full Stack Developer varies and is not always consistent. In fact, a Full Stack Developer is a person capable of managing Backend (server side) and Frontend (client, browser).

The backend involves at least one programming language and typically a database or key-value database type.

Frontend consists of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and / or frameworks that are co-related to these technologies.

The referred set is called a stack. In this way, a Full Stack Developer is a person capable of dealing with the complete set of technologies and does not focus on just one of them.

Full Stack Developer

How did I get to Full Stack Developer?

From an early age, I was in touch with technology. I'm curious and it's not enough that it works, I like to know why. The questions that I often ask myself are:

  • It works! Why?
  • Does not work! Why?

In this perspective, it is not enough to know why it works, I have to know exactly why and how.

So, I have always been in search of new technologies, whether for web application, hardware or operating systems, I have looked for solutions and I have been learning to implement several. This knowledge made me able to build complete systems, from root to project delivery.

The process has also made me able to find and solve problems, thus avoiding the complication of task management and the loss of time inherent in the process.

I am passionate about the code, the construction of the systems and the reversal of it. The constant challenges in building systems, the integration of multiple systems and the optimization of communication between them.

Over time, I have studied various technologies, multiple frameworks and searched for solutions to the most diverse problems.

Some of the technologies I studied, and in some, I helped develop the core system, fixed bugs, and tested for security holes. Some of the technologies that I participate or actively participate in are:

In this perspective, for systems based on these technologies, I have adapted myself to the implementation of all.

Thus, it is important to point out that depending on the project we are forced to choose the best option for each situation.

In this way, I felt the need to specialize as much as possible in the greatest possible number of technologies so that, in this way, I can present solid solutions for each project.